The Call

A loud scree of a Red-tailed Hawk
fills the air. The sharp cry breaks
through a quiet afternoon

like an intonation of sacred bells
when we are summoned to be
alert. This scree soon dies down

to a softer remnant until only echoes
of it like an earworm of song remain.
Sounds awaken us—place us with our

feet on the ground, mind in the same
spot, a brief respite from busy thoughts,
it’s our North Star in finding peace.

This poem was published in the Methow Arts Alliance Quarterly Guide to the Arts in the Methow Valley for Winter 2017-18.

A brief hiatus

With apologies to any followers, I injured myself and am currently a one-handed typist,  It’s a little slow so I will not be uploading too many new poems until I’m able.  I am looking forward to reading from my book, Resting in the Familiar at Village Books April 29 at 4:00 PM and seeing friends,

I am also looking forward to Paul Nelson and Judy Kleinberg visiting the Methow Valley May 10 and giving workshops in Twisp on Glover Street at Rod Weagent’s   studio and May 11 doing readings at Trail’s End Bookstore in Winthrop.  Past Washington State Poet Laureate Tod Marshall will also be reading.